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    Speakers and Titles


        Philip Argyres  (U. of Cincinnati)
        The Structure of Mass deformations of 4-d N=2 SCFT

       Eric Bergshoeff  (U. of Groningen)
       A Gravity Realization of LCFT’s in Two Dimensions and Beyond

       Frederik Coomans  (U. of Leuven)
      A Higher Derivative Extension of the Salam-Sezgin Model from Superconformal Methods    

       Jacques Distler (U. of Austin)

        Michael Duff   (Imperial College)
        40 Years of the Weyl Anomaly

        Murat Gunaydin  (Penn State U.)
        Maximal Supergravity and Superconformal Symmetry in Various Dimensions

       Mans Henningson (Chalmers U.)
       (2,0) Theory on (Singular) Circle Fibrations

        Yu-tin Huang  (UCLA)
        Amplitudes From M2 and M5 Branes

        Ken Intriligator  (UC San Diego)
        Super OPEs and Susy Breaking Mediation

        Roman Jackiw  (MIT)
        (classical) Scale and Conformal Symmetry  in Diverse Dimensions

        Emil Mottola  (LANL)
        New Horizons: The Trace Anomaly and Conformal Scalar Degrees of Freedom in Gravity

        Yu Nakayama   (U. of Tokyo & Caltech)
        Scale Invariance vs Conformal Invariance from Holography

        Roberto Percacci  (SISSA)
        The Renormalization Group and Weyl Invariance

        David Poland   (IAS)
        Carving Out the Space of 4D CFTs

        Andreas Stergiou   (UC San Diego)
        Scale without Conformal Invariance

        Antoine van Proeyen   (U. of Leuven)
        Superconformal Methods for  Super-Poincare Matter-Coupled Theories  

        Alessandro Vichi   (UC Berkeley & LBNL)
        Solving 3D Ising with Conformal Bootstrap

        Andrew Waldron
  (UC Davis)
        Conformal Geometry in the Bulk

        Brian Wecht (Harvard U. & Queen Mary College)
        New N=1 SCFTs from M5-Branes

       Robert Wimmer  (ENS-Lyon/YITP Stony Brook)
       (1,0) Superconformal Models in 6D and Non-abelian Tensor Multiplets