Mitchell Institute
Conformal Field Theories
Beyond Two Dimensions

    Confirmed Speakers

  Philip Argyres
    Eric Bergshoeff
    Frederik Coomans
    Jacques Distler
    Michael Duff
    Murat Gunaydin
    Mans Henningson
    Yu-tin Huang
    Ken Intriligator
    Roman Jackiw
    Emil Mottola
    Yu Nakayama
    Roberto Percacci
    David Poland
Andreas Stergiou
    Antoine van Proeyen
    Alessandro Vichi
    Andrew Waldron
    Brian Wecht 
Robert Wimmer

March 12-16, 2012
Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas

conformal map
Penrose Plaza (Mitchell Institute Foyer), courtesy of Andrea Delgado

 George P. and Cynthia W. Mitchell Institute for Fundamental Physics and Astronomy  is organising a workshop  on Conformal Field Theories Beyond Two Dimensions, to be held from March 12-16, 2012. The workshop will take place at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.



    Venue and Directions

    Dining Suggestions and Other Local Info
    Area Map and Other Information
Sera Cremonini
    Yi Pang
    Christopher Pope
    Daniel Robbins
    Waldemar Schulgin
    Ergin Sezgin
    Linus Wulff 

   Conference Secretary

    Beverly Guster

    Phone:  979-845-7778